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Arco lies in the North of the Altogarda, the final part of the valley of the river Sarca, that flows here in the Lake. The position, protected by mountains and the nearness of the lake Garda, allows this area to maintain a particularly mild climate, that made this city one of the most famous resort since centuries.

The city has developed at the slopes of rocky cliff, from which the magnificent medieval castle dominates the entire valley of the Altogarda. Originally the castle was practically a fortified village, defended through powerful walls and a good system of sighting, thanks to the several towers. According to some sources, its construction had begun in the Middle Ages, it was erected by the same inhabitants of Arco and then became property of the noble family arcense that dominated these lands. The castle was abandoned during the 1700's, as a result of the siege of the French troops in the summer of 1703.
The Collegiata dell'Assunta, situated in the main public square of the city, is a church worthy of a visit. The works for its building were undertaken in 1613 on the rests of an ancient and previous church of Romanesque origin, but the Collegiata was consecrated only the 15 May 1671. Inside of the Collegiata - that has one only nave - there is a marble statue dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption; among the altars, the forth on the right side is entitled to the Saintest Sacramento - closed by an iron and brass fence - while the second altar on the left side is dedicated to Maria Maddalena. Over the first altar on the left, there is a panel representing the Madonna with the Child Jesus, two angels and saint Michael Archangel. The wooden choir was completed in 1731. Near the presbitery there are the two entrances in the local pavement that lead to an underground sepulchre where in past the canons of the Collegiata and the local counts were buried. During the last few years of the XIX century, the corpse of Francesco II dell Due Sicilie were buried here - temporarily -; he was the last monarch of the Reign of Naples, died in Arco in 1894.

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Arco lake Garda

Arco lake Garda

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