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Origins of the lake Garda

Origins of the lake Garda lake GardaThe area of Garda lake keeps nowadays the traces left by the Glaciations, that were thought the determining cause of the formation of the lake depression; in more recent years it has been hypothesized that the glacier occupied an already existing depression, created by stream erosion from 5 to 6 million years ago. The glacial morphology would be therefore laid over to one, more ancient, fluvial and tectonic morphology. At the beginnig of Quaternary (1,5 million years ago) the area of the existing lake basin appeared like a wide valley in which rivers Chiese (in the area of Salò) and Sarca (near Riva) flowed into. During the following Glaciations, the formation of the imposing morainic amphitheater took place and, therefore, the deviation of the river Chiese. In the north, the alluvions of the river Sarca have instead overwhelmed the area of Riva, giving birth to the hollow of Arco and surrounding the ancient island of Monte Brione.
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