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The history of the Lake Garda begins with the first populations that inhabited Italy; in the area of the lake, in fact, there are primitive caverns and rests of stilt houses, as for example under the Rocca di Garda, in Lazise, Pacengo and Peschiera. In the 225 a.C. the roman army passed the Po, defeated the Gallic populations, subjugated the territory and founded the first colonies. With the dominion of Rome, the economic and social life had new impulse: the Romans, in fact, built many roads: among them, the main ones are the Gallica and the Claudia Augusta. Important were also the fluvial ways of communication on the Po and the Mincio, and the lake one. Considerable is the patrimony of the roman civilization that emerged in the last diggings, tombstones or coins, especially in the towns of Peschiera, Lazise, Garda, Torri and Malcesine. In the medieval age, during the XIV century, the area was under the dominion of the family Della Scala; it lasted until 1387, when the Visconti, allied with the Gonzaga and the Carrara, defeated the Della Scala, and seized the veronese territory of the lake. The high Garda, instead, succeeded to conserve his own independence against the counts of Tirolo and the Asburgo until its annexation in Austria in 1803. The dominion of the Visconti lasted seventeen years and in year 1405 the dominion of Venice began; it lasted uninterrupted nearly for four centuries (1405-1797). It was the gold period of the history of the lake: with the political wisdom and the administrative ability of Venice, the building development and the economic-social life will receive a strong impulse: many torrents were embanked and many lands drained; the grapevine, the olive tree and the fruit trees began to be cultivated; new foundries and workshops for the processing of the iron rose to Gardone and Toscolano; in the veronese the industry of the wool flourish, in Toscolano the industry of the paper; in the Riviera the twist was worked in order to make ropes, linen, the hemp, the skins. In all the zone began the silkworm breeding and the silk production. The dominion of Venice stopped when the lands of the lake were occupied by napoleonic troops (1796), to which followed the Austrians. In 1866, during the independence wars, the area of the lake Garda finally was annexed to the new Reign of Italy.
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