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The castle of Malcesine lake Garda
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The castle of Malcesine

The Fortress of Malcesine is probably dated back to the half of the first millenium a.D, during the longobard age. In 1277 became dominion of Alberto Della Scala. In 1902 it was declared National Monument. The entrance is in the courtyard. At the bottom of it, there is a balcony that, overhanging over the water of the lake (it is 24 meters high), offers a wide and evocative vision of the lake and the surrounding mountains. It is possible to go up through a stair, until the powder store, built by the Austrians, today “Sala Goethe”. There are exposed the images of the lake and the Castle that the German writer has outlined during his Travel in Italy. From here it's possible to reach the second courtyard, said “Rivellino”, until a balcony where we can admire the town, the lake, and the western flank of the Monte Baldo. The third courtyard, the highest, is reachable through a scaligero portal. Exceeding it, there is a well, near which there is a fresco representing a Madonna with Child; probably here there was a chapel. The ground floor is the seat of the 'Museum of the fishing, the activities of the lake and the venetian jails'. In the entrance hall there are objects of the Museum linked to the fishing and the hunting on the lake. The Main Tower (or Mastio), with its pentagonal shape irregular, dominates Malcesine, straightening upon the lake for 70 meters.

The castle of Malcesine lake Garda

The castle of Malcesine lake Garda

The castle of Malcesine lake Garda

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