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Moniga del Garda lake Garda
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Moniga del Garda

On the name Moniga there are various interpretations: some think it derives from the Germanic “Morn” (exposed to morning) and some think it derives from the presumed presence of a sanctuary dedicated to the Athenian goddess “Diana Munichia”. Among the villages risen in X century on Garda hills, the castle of Moniga is among the best conserved. The castle was built in order to face the invasions of X century; then for a long period the castle was abandoned. Later shepherds and peasants began to live there: therefore, from these improvised encampments, they started to inhabit the castle stablily. The materials employ in the reconstruction make are of the XIV and XV century, period to which the today visible structures are dated back.

Church of Saint Martino
The church of Saint Martino is one of most ancient of the Valtenesi. In the 1700's, the church was rebuilt: therefore the facade as we still see today was built, in the style of the age, the baroque. There is a beautiful portal, over which a rectangular big window reproduces, in the coloured glasses, the scene of Saint Martino who gives its cloak to the beggar. The inside, with one nave, is decorated with marbles. There are five altars: right, San Giuseppe and Rosario altars; on the left side, the altar of the Crocifisso and the one dedicated to the Vergine. The main altar remembers, in the style and the decorations, its clear baroque origin. In the low part, in the center, a small statue of San Martino is inserted.
Church of the Madonna della Neve The small church entitled to the Madonna della Neve rises, isolated, in the campaign of Moniga, not far from the lago. High cypresses and a water course flank it on a side, to the shoulders have the communal cemetary, the facade are turned to east, towards the Garda. Constructed in Romanesque style, it is dated back probably to the second half of XVI century. The decoration of the walls is recent and contrasts with the style of the still visible authentic parts. In origin, probably, there were frescoes, but they have got lost in XIX century, when the church was used as a lazaret (contagious disease hospital) in occasion of a cholera epidemic and then, for disinfection, was painted with the lime.

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Moniga del Garda lake Garda

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